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Sorry about the problems with the calendar during the last days... it WILL stay online, as promised. And now it even works again.
Susi S. - 2006/1/2 11:00 PM


DANKE DANKE DANKE für den besten Adventskalender der Welt, das Finale heute war ja wirklich noch die Krönung des Ganzen! Danke für die Mühen und alles, und jetzt habt ein paar schöne freie Tage!
Alexa - 2005/12/24 4:13 PM

O, happy day!!!

Well, we are glad you enjoyed the calendar! It wasn't easy to get the whole thing done (just imagine catching a Kaizer or two during a maestrous tour) but I think we finally managed to come up with a calendar that had something in store for each and everyone of you. Have a nice day and kaizer on! :-)
Shirin (www.kaizers.de) - 2005/12/24 10:52 AM


I'm going to thank you guys again for doing this, purely because I've been wanting to see the Knekker Deg til Sist video *forever* -- and now I have ^____^!

Thanks a ton, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
Karli (http://violistofhameln.deviantart.com) - 2005/12/24 10:32 AM


mry christmas! the calender has made the night shifts a little less shitty! thank you
celestine - 2005/12/24 3:14 AM

This was the most awesome Christmas present ever! Thanks so much for making it!
Kake - 2005/12/24 2:43 AM

Hell yeah!

Danke, Thanx, Takk!
This was nothing but awesome! The Mighty Kaizer shall save you for creating that calendar! It has been so much fun to wait for even more stuff by and about the world's best band ever day after day...I admit, I did - at some point - feel a slight hint of greediness arising deep down in my Kaizers-addicted heart, hating the idea that it's all gonna be over with after the 24th, longing for even more rarities. But the prospect of Mr.Kaizer coming to Germany next year and the hope you might search your files and collections in order to save all of us obsessed fans with another calendar next year keeps me alive...

Bartender du forstår.Ta det på øyemål.
Hjelp meg


Dominik - 2005/12/24 12:37 AM

0000000000000000000000000000000 Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!
Countdown - 2005/12/24 12:06 AM

0000000000000000000000000000000 Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!
Countdown - 2005/12/24 12:00 AM

noch 1!!!
Countdown - 2005/12/23 11:59 PM

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