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noch 2
Countdown - 2005/12/23 11:57 PM

noch 3
Countdown - 2005/12/23 11:56 PM

noch 4
Countdown - 2005/12/23 11:55 PM

noch 5
Countdown - 2005/12/23 11:55 PM

Yes, don't worry - it will stay online!
Susi S. - 2005/12/22 1:50 PM

Great job on this calender! It's fantastic :) But just one question, will it stay online after christmas? You know, for the sad people without computers (or with missing computers....)? I'm very curious about the end :D
GR Linda
Linda - 2005/12/22 1:44 PM


This Cristmas calender is fantastic! The interviews, the subjects, the games etc. are amazing! I have looked at it every day, it is a shame it is almost the 24.! You have realle done a wonderful job!! Just a shame December is too short!
Hjørdis - 2005/12/21 10:02 PM


Wow...this is the best digital Christmas present I could ask for! Great idea. Thanks for coming up with it!
Karli ( - 2005/12/17 8:23 AM

Also ich muss schon sagen... alle Achtung! Ich find die ganze Kalender Idee total super (die Ausführung natürlich auch) und möchte mich im Namen aller Infizierten bei euch bedanken. Schade dass Weihnachten schon am 24. ist ;-)
ninöse - 2005/12/16 2:10 PM

more downloads...PLEAAAAASE! in the last days i have become comlpletely kaizers addicted...i guess i should consider professional help...however, thanks for the calender, must have been quite a lot of work.
oh,by the way...does anyone else think that 'mr.kaizer, hans constanze og meg' somehow sounds like a christmas carol? anyway,i do and its far better than 'Last Christmas'.

anonym - 2005/12/14 5:49 PM

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