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Kaizers Orchestra
Advent calender

Dear fans!

Christmas is near and in many housholds you will find an Advent calendar, filled with stuff that is supposed to make you feel good. But let us be honest, dear friends! Those Advent calendars are nothing but dastardly beasts seducing you into eating more of this sugary stuff that leads to the enlargement of your hips only. Wouldn't it be much better to have an Advent calendar which not only makes you feel warmer around the heart but also deals with the best band in the universe?

At least this is what and thought and that's why they joined forces and set off to accomplish this sacred task.

The result is an über-special Kaizerean Advent calendar that will not only satisfy your heart and your soul, but also your ears and your play instinct and keep you healthy and fine until Christmas eve. A piece of Kaizers a day keeps the doctor away, right?

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